Live Fully


This is a great inspirational klipp and reminder for you to Live your life fully. Living fully is about to enjoy every moment and liv it like there's no tomorrow. If you do this, you have to first realize the beauty in every moment. Take responability upon your dreams and act to create your reality.

Here is 4 steps that you can start with to live a more fulfilling life.


1. When you wake up smile. 

Every morning is a new beginning meaning you have the power to set the day to be the best day ever, appreciation and be aware of that you have the ability to choose.

One thing that you could do to compliment your mornings is to also Visualize all the good things that are going to happen with you on this day:)

2. Be an optimist.

To live a  fulfilling life, is to see the possibility in each moment that comes to "dance like nobody's watching," you have to forget about what others think about you and simply accept the moment for what it is. It's your moment.


3. Focus on whatever you're doing. 

Remember we can only have one thought at the time... So what ever your focusing on the moment you have the ability to enjoy each step you take. Ask yourself how does it feel? And focus on what IS (not what WAS, or what COULD BE). 

A trick that you can use is to pay attention and focus on your other senses like -touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. Slow down, and try to enjoy the moment.

This is the moment of mindfulness.


4. To be thankful. 

This is the best thing you can remind yourself every day. Now create a list of what you are thankful for right now. This is going to direct ones again your focus on what is already in your life. To be thankful brings you back to the present moment. If you are thankful for what is, you will be happy for the moment that is.

This is your life, now live!

Live a comment below if you think this was helpful.

love and light


To Learn from ourselves



This is some good nuggets for the right mindset. A successful entrepreneur always begins from within.

This is a signal to learn from. If you have a struggle to smile really truthful to others, than you are probably afraid. 

See if I have a negative thought I will then be blocked and not be able to smile really truthful to others.  No one that feels quilt can give away a truthful smile, and no one that is afraid can give away a truthful smile. By now I hope you understand that a truthful smile is a signal about how a person is really thinking and therefore feeling great within. 

Next time my friend when you are having a bad thought about something or someone, try then to open yourself up to a new set of thoughts.

Try this thoughts: this was interesting, hmm..I wonder why I think like this?, what is this thought telling me as a person? 

Great! I can now start learning something new about myself. What can I learn?

The mindset that you can learn within the Inner Circle Check This OUT:

Therightmindset <<===


Everybody can have a negative thought the thing is that we have a choice to be aware of it and learn from it.

love and light



Internet Traffic Formula


The Big Launch...!

This is some thoughts about the New launch of the Internet Traffic Formula.. One idea can change your life. 

This is the LINK to see the Internet Traffic Formulas 4 Free videos with a lot of value for your success in life. 

Watch it now! before he takes it down. And take a lot of Notes...

This product is going to change a lot of life's... 

When I first saw the value that Vick put in the ITF I just knew that this will be the thing that will take my Business and life into another level :)

Let's lock arms my friend, and create a better future for you and me.

Rememeber it's the moment of decision that our destiny is made.

Enjoy your learnings.

I appreciate you all. 

Love and light




Applied knowledge is the through power to succeed. 


Work From Home-Online Business this is a hangout to give you all some ideas and some tips on what to think and do in order to start your Online business and the importance of having the right mindset to succeed.


4 Tips for you if your looking to start your online Business.

1. Decide if you really desire to be your own BOSS..meaning What you do depends on you.

2. Find a MENTOR in the area of the business that your intressting on building.

3. Do whatever your MENTOR instruct you to do. AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!

4. Construct a reasilbe GAME-Plan for you to follow. Doing this will make you succeed much faster in your Busniess.

5. Repeat this until you have reach the results you want to achieved.


The product launch!!!

Internet Traffic Formula check this out FREE training! 

For your success:

==> internettrafficformula

Enjoy this hangout my friend.. and remember... 

We learn by doing!

Apply the Knowledge.

I appreciate you.

-Harrison (transforming life)



Recording of Google Hangout the power of Visualization 23-3-2014

This is a Hangout for you to find out how you can use the power of visualization into your advantage. Learn the skills to create the right feeling, the feeling of success.

The most important skill that you can develop as an entrepreneur, is the skills of directing your mind into the right direction..

Meaning to see yourself succeed before succeeding or seeing your creation already done before you even started it.

This is the skill set to master and you can all learn this technic and apply it direct into your life and business.

Enjoy this hangout my friend and take lot's of note and action.

"Keep an open mind for learning and a willingness to grow.. and Success is yours to have."

To know the 3 steps SECRET to succeed big time..

Click the link and Join ME. Se the movie of my Mentor Dave explaining a 3 step formula to your success. <==

The ability you get from taking the knowledge into action is the fine line between being a person of success or a somebody knowing everything but doing nothing.

remember you can do this and only you are responsible for your success.

Visualization the power to see yourself succeed before you succeed.

Love and Light


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