Living With Purpose


This audio book with Tony Robbins have helped me a lot and inspired me to change my way of thinking to the better..

I really recommend this from the bottom of my heart for you to listen to it, let your mind grow and expand.

When I first heard this audio I understood clearly the importance of finding my purpose in life.

See we can all walk around in life searching for happiness not knowing what to do and just going with the flow.

But there is a big problem in just going with the flow... Because doing so you will find yourself soon in a near future waking up in so much regret and emptiness, wondering how time gone by without you doing nothing to fulfill your life.

I believe that we all have greatness within us and that it is our choice to choose each day what to do with it.

You can make a choice today on how you want to live your life or let someone else decide over your own time in life. Meaning that your going to work to build someone else's dream instead of building yours.

Now ask yourself a deeper question and discover your true purpose in life.

Connect with me and position yourself to succeed because in our tribe you are never alone.

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A freedom-preneur always finds a way to create abundance and freedom in their lives.

Now Enjoy the Audio and I talk to you later.

For your success always

Harrison Rodrigues, Freedom-Preneur



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Harrison Rodrigues, Freedom-Preneur


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talk soon,

for your success always

Harrison Rodrigues, Freedom-Preneur

Motivational Video "Dream"


Do you want to know why this video "Dream" is one of Internet’s most popular motivational Videos?


I believe it's because when we see it, it reminds us all of the greatness that we have deep inside of us, the greatness that so many of us have left behind and forgot.


That feeling that sparks our heart by waking up memories inside of us, moments that we felt when we where a child and held the dream of greatness, running around playing in a world of unstoppable adventure.. Before we ever meet anybody that told us to give up on our dreams, to grow up and be realistic that, that's never going to happen.


And somewhere along that way we swallow that truth and began slowly forget the greatness that we ones believed that we had.


I know that we all have that greatness within us still. It's all up to us to keep that feeling alive by working more on ourselves than we do at our jobs.


When we are sculpting and creating our lives we are all enhancing that deep feeling of being alive.


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Never forget the power of your dream. Go for it. It's possible.


If you believe it. You can create it.

Harrison Rodrigues, Freedom-Preneur


Harrison's Story


I'm the "Dancing Latino" from Brazil that got tired and quit my construction job to live a better way of life with more freedom.


I have travel a lot all around the world and I'm experience things many people would only dream of. At the age of 32 I am blessed to live the life I now live.


I am my own leader and I work on my own terms..


But you see, it wasn't always like this.


My journey to success did not come easy.


In fact back in school I wasn't the brightest one in the class, I could spend my time looking outside and just day dream myself away.


I wondered a lot about what I would do with my life, and I thought a lot about the meaning of life.


Going back in time...


I moved from Brazil to Chile with my family where we ended up in a really difficult situation. We all lived on a rental building barrack on somebody else's backyard, with one bed to share all 5 of us.

At night time we could hear big rats scrambling up on the roof and the building barrack did not have any heat ether so we all froze a lot.