3 Powerful Tip - How To Use Instagram For Your Personal Branding


This is 3 powerful tip on how to use INSTAGRAM for your PERSONAL BRANDING. When it comes to branding yourself online, you will find many different social media websites out there that you can use.

One of the easiest way is to use Instagram because it is free and a perfect place to reach into a new audience that resonate with your message.

The reason I choose to brand myself with Instagram is because I really see an increasing numbers of free traffic comming in when I am using instagram.

If you haven't considered creating a profile on Instagram to make your brand visible to a new market then I suggest you create a profile right know. It is fast and easy to start, and down below I will give you some tips and tricks that I use that have been of great benifit to my and many others businesses.


The first step to start on Instagram is to simply sign up for an account, add a profile photo of you because remember your product is not your business, you are your business. On your BIO your going to put ofcourse a link to your captur page so you can start collecting your free leads right away. Don't forget to connect your account to Facebook and let your followers know they can follow you there.

What you do next is what's going to separate you from everybody else.

The following tips is going to show you how you can increase your brand to attract the right followers into your business and from there increase your leads into your business.

Let's take your business to a whole new level!


1# You Want FANS, Not Followers!


Example nr 1:


“The System” used by Instagram “Superhero” Tony Bennett

Check him out and see how it works on his 122k+ IG:




The real secret here is to identify your audience your biggest “fans”. Creating your business you’ll need more than a bunch of people following you. To become really INSTAFAMOUS and climb the charts you need to start giving out some value based content, and that's telling your story with videos and pic to engage with your target audience.

REMEMBER that in order to create a great brand you want to attract fans, not followers. Fans are the ones who actively view their Instagram feeds and engage with you on a regular basis.


This is how you do it:


1. Go to EXPLORE page and FOLLOW (and like a few posts each of the pic you feel resonate with your mindset) remember you want to attract people like you so like pictures which are similar to yours and within the first half hour of that photo’s posting.


2. FOLLOW (and like a few posts each time) followers of people in similar niche who have a really good like to follower ratio (posts get 50 likes and they have like 100/150 followers and extrapolate for larger followings).

Do that until you are over 2K- 4K followers and later you can start to unfollow those who didn’t follow back (unless you really like their posts).

A QUICK WARNING: Remember your instagram stream will be really messy during this time, but you should hang in there if you still want your brand to explode. Once you have built a good size base, simply like 100’s (or 1000’s) of photos in a similar tag every single day as you weed out those you don’t want to follow.

If you have access to a computer, it’s so much quicker and easier to manage instagram

from websites like iconosquare.com or websta.me. Hopefully after a few months of “getting your like on” you’ll have enough fans to get you to the EXPLORE page every time you post. There you’ll get hundreds or thousands of new followers each post without having to do much of anything!


CONGRATS! From this moment your account will be officially INSTAFAMOUS!


2# The Power Of Less Is More


Example nr 2:


This guy uses another powerful strategy to get his photos FAMOUS.

He has thousands of likes and comments on his posts, although he has “only”

24K followers. Check him out: http://instagram.com/i_stau